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The quad-amputee swimmer Théo Curin crosses Lake Titicaca for 122 km

French Paralympic swimmer Theo Curin swimming in Lake Titicaca, Peru on November 20, 2021 Carlos MAMANI

21-year-old French quadruped amputee swimmer Théo Curin completed an altitude crossing of Lake Titicaca on Saturday at an altitude of 3,800 meters, arriving in the islands of los Uros, Peru, 122 km from his starting point in Bolivia. , AFP found.

Curin, a four-limb amputated when he was six years old following a sudden meningitis, achieved this feat in ten days alongside two other French athletes.

He threw himself into the icy waters of the lake on November 10 on the beach in the village of Copacabana in Bolivia. “It’s a lot of emotions. There are a lot of people on the beach, I wasn’t necessarily expecting that,” he said at the time.

Théo Curin, from Lunéville, in eastern France, finished fourth in the 200m freestyle at the Rio-2016 Paralympic Games. He is double vice-world champion.

He was accompanied by two teammates, former swimmer Malia Metella, 39, and Matthieu Witvoet, 27, who introduces himself as an “eco-adventurer.”

The swimmer says he was inspired since his early years by Philippe Croizon, a quad-amputee author of a historic swim crossing of the English Channel in 2010.

In addition to the altitude, the trio, who trained for more than a year in Lake Matemale in the Pyrenees, had to face the cold in this body of water of 8,562 km2.

The athletes took turns swimming pulling a boat made from garbage, with the aim of spreading a message about respecting the environment. They ate and slept on board.

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