Thursday, December 9

Unusual. They had a masterpiece for 200,000 euros at home

This Bayonne family was far from imagining that the painting fixed above their fireplace was worth a small fortune, 200,000 euros exactly.

They made this discovery by valuing the property of their collector grandfather, reveals France Blue.

The painting was actually the work of the Russian painter Alexej von Jawlensky, a pupil of Repin and Kandinsky’s traveling companion. Just that !

A work produced in 1893

“The Jew in Prayer”, painted in 1893, is estimated at around 200,000 or even 300,000 euros. For the record, the painting was bought in the middle of the 20th century by a Polish collector who then moved to Bayonne. Two years ago, her grandchildren decided to sell the family home and then had the property valued.

“When entering the dining room there were a large number of paintings on the wall, including this portrait. Immediately I said to myself that this is not a trivial painting. Turning it over I see inscriptions in Cyrillic, this which indicates to me that it is a work of a Russian painter or at least of central Europe “, explained the auctioneer.

After several months of investigation, the work is finally estimated at several hundred thousand euros.

“The Jew in Prayer” was to be sold at Côte Basque Enchères in Saint-Jean-de-Luz on Friday 19 November.

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