Saturday, December 4

Unusual. With 8,573 musicians, Venezuela breaks the record for the largest orchestra in the world

Venezuela set the Guinness World Record for “the world’s largest orchestra” on Saturday after thousands of local musicians performed Tchaikovsky’s Slavic March.

The record was set by musicians from Venezuela’s National Youth Orchestra System, dislodging Russia, which set the last record in 2019 with an orchestra of 8,097 musicians.

The concert starts at 3:00:00.

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“You are officially amazing”

Nicknamed “El Sistema” (the system), the Venezuelan orchestra, financed by public funds, was founded in 1975 by the late maestro José Antonio Abreu to provide access to musical education to thousands of children from the lower classes. .

“I confirm that this initiative has been a success, congratulations,” said the person responsible for announcing the decision during a ceremony at the headquarters of “El Sistema”. “You are officially amazing,” he added.

Although the concert brought together some 12,000 musicians, including children, on November 13 in the courtyard of the Venezuelan Military Academy in Caracas, record examiners ultimately recognized only 8,573.

“The largest orchestra is made up of 8,573 musicians and was performed by the National System of Orchestras for Youth of Venezuela in Caracas on November 13, 2021,” says the certificate from Guinness Records.

Such orchestras in dozens of countries

The “El Sistema” model has been replicated in dozens of countries. Gustavo Dudamel, musical director of the Paris Opera and the Los Angeles Philharmonic, is one of his most famous alumni. He congratulated the orchestra in a video posted on social media.

The 12-minute work of Pyotr Ilich Tchaikovsky was composed in 1876 as a hymn intended to inspire Russian and Serbian soldiers in the war against Turkey.

“El Sistema” had already gathered more than 10,000 musicians to pay tribute to Maestro Abreu when he died. But it had been impossible to certify a record due to the deadlines and documentation requested by Guinness.

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