Thursday, December 9

Afghanistan: the UN’s appeal for emergency aid funded at 100%

(Belga) The UN’s urgent appeal for Afghanistan, which aimed to raise $ 606 million until the end of the year to try to limit the humanitarian disaster that the country has experienced since the arrival of the Taliban, is 100% funded, the UN announced in Gernève on Tuesday.

Just over two months after a high-level ministerial meeting in Geneva, chaired by the UN Secretary-General himself, “we can now announce that the flash appeal is 100% funded,” the spokesperson reported. speech of the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs of the UN (Ocha, according to the English acronym), Jens Laerke in Geneva. The main donor countries are the United States, European countries and Japan, he said. These funds aim to help the 11 million most deprived people in Afghanistan. “The response is intensifying in Afghanistan. Between September 1 and November 15, the United Nations and NGO partners provided food aid to 7.2 million people and offered medical consultations to nearly 900,000 people,” he said. explained the spokesperson for Ocha. Nearly 200,000 people affected by drought have received aid through the delivery of water by truck and 178,000 children under five have been treated for acute malnutrition, according to the UN. Mr. Laerke however indicated that “not all financial commitments have been translated into actions on the ground due to the challenges of the banking and financial system” in the context of the crisis of the banking and financial system, following the sanctions. taken against the Taliban. “Half the population still needs emergency aid,” he said. “Access has improved recently and we have access to all parts of Afghanistan. The big problem now is to prevent the economic collapse of the country,” the spokesperson added. According to the UN, Afghanistan is on the brink of a serious humanitarian crisis, with more than half of its population at risk of not having enough to eat this winter. This food shortage is caused by a drought coupled with the economic crisis that has raged since the Taliban took power in August. International financial institutions halted their aid and Washington froze nearly $ 9.5 billion in assets of the Afghan Central Bank. (Belga)

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