Thursday, December 9

Anti-Covid vaccine: those who refuse it “are a flaw in our system”, believes Eric Dupond-Moretti

Strong words that show a toughening of the government to come? This November 21, Eric Dupond-Moretti attacked with virulence people who refuse to be vaccinated in France, while the number of hospitalizations continues to climb in the country.

Asked in an interview about Radio J, the Minister of Justice has in fact qualified those who refuse the vaccine as “die-hards”, believing that they were a “flaw in our system”. He took the opportunity to counter the attacks against the health pass, explaining that he was not killer.

“As if freedom allowed people to infect others (…) and therefore kill,” said the Minister of Justice.

“It’s as if you were telling me that freedom allows me to take my car with 4 grams in the blood at 2 o’clock in the morning. No, that’s not freedom, ”asserts Eric Dupond-Moretti. For him, freedom is “also obedience to a certain number of rules that we have set ourselves”.

The epidemic is racing

This declaration comes at a time when vaccine booster shots are increasingly present in the public debate. During a trip to the North on November 21, the Head of State himself explained that he would not be “surprised” that all adults are concerned. “This is the meaning of history,” he said at the time.

The context is all the more sensitive as the country has been facing a runaway epidemic in recent weeks. All indicators have been rising steadily since the beginning of November, and nothing seems to point to a drop in the days to come. It remains to be seen what future measures imagined by the executive to stop hospitalizations.

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