Saturday, December 4

Belarus: EU to ban aircraft leasing to Belavia company

The EU will ban the rental of European planes to the Belarusian company and establish a blacklist of companies complicit in the transport of migrants by the Lukashenko regime to European borders, the presidents of the European institutions announced on Tuesday.

“The majority of Belavia’s fleet is made up of planes leased from EU companies,” European Council President Charles Michel stressed to the European Parliament meeting in plenary in Strasbourg. “A decision will be made to put an end to this. It is imminent,” he announced.

The European Commission, for its part, announced that it had tabled a bill to sanction “companies complicit in the trafficking and smuggling of migrants”, according to its president, the German Ursula von der Leyen.

In particular, Poland has faced in recent weeks a large influx of migrants, mainly from the Middle East, to its border.

“This proposal will have to be adopted in co-decision by the States and the Parliament”, she specified.

“Europe is not confronted with a migratory crisis but with an attempt to destabilize by a totalitarian regime not recognized by the EU”, she underlined. “The whole Union is being challenged,” she insisted.

“The strategy of the Belarusian regime is based very concretely on the complicity of tour operators and their intermediaries. There are indeed specialized travel agencies that offer all-inclusive offers: visa, plane ticket, hotel and, quite cynically, taxis. and bus to the border, “she said.

“These migrants are deceived by infamous false promises,” she accused.

“This is why we propose to establish a blacklist for all means and modes of transport, on the basis of international law on trafficking and smuggling of migrants,” she explained.

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