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Black Friday 2021: date, rules, scams … all you need to know about D-Day

Black Friday will take place this year. This major commercial meeting imported from the United States will take place on November 26. Some physical stores and many online sales sites will offer a selection of products at discounted prices, which, for the vast majority, will be found at the foot of the Christmas tree. Kick-off, tips to avoid scams… Here’s what you need to know to be ready on D-Day.

When will Black Friday take place?

The kickoff of Black Friday, which made its arrival in France in 2013, will be given on Friday November 26 at midnight, the day after the famous Thanksgiving holiday, or “thanksgiving”, celebrated on the fourth Thursday. of November in the United States.

As every year, the discounts should then continue throughout the weekend, or even beyond. Many traders continue to increase their offers a few days after the start of the operation. It is therefore not excluded to be able to find good deals until the following Friday. The French spend on average more than a billion euros during this short period.

Who is participating in the operation?

On the list of brands and web giants that will offer broken prices one month before Christmas, include the American leader Amazon, which has propelled Black Friday in France, CDiscount, Rue du commerce, Fnac, Darty, 3 Suisses, but also La Redoute, Zalando, and supermarkets such as Carrefour, Auchan, or even Conforama and Boulanger.

Before launching the operation, it is advisable to do a first scouting so as not to waste time because the best deals often concern products with limited stocks.

Clothing, accessories, DIY, furniture… all areas are concerned, but generally, high-tech products are the most popular.

How to avoid scams?

However, beware of overly generous offers, behind which sometimes lurk scams.

A few weeks before Black Friday, some traders do not hesitate to inflate their prices, before crossing them off on D-Day, by offering a very small reduction compared to the original price, i.e. before the increase. It is also recommended to check the URL.

Sites take advantage of this event to sell counterfeits on a site created specifically for the occasion. This is why it is necessary to ensure that the page in question is not a fraudulent copy of that of the official site by checking the URL address, which is not deceptive.

Before entering your banking and personal data, also take the time to verify all the information concerning the product and the seller, for example by looking at reviews. Finally, don’t open or respond to any email if the shipping address looks questionable.

During this period, faked messages are likely to end up in our inbox. This technique, known as “phishing”, allows rogue sites to steal users’ personal and banking data.

Also beware of cryptic messages asking you to contact a pseudo carrier “for your delivery” or an after-sales service “following your purchase”. In most cases, this is a scam.


Note that in France, the operation remains however less attractive than in the country of Uncle Sam. And for good reason, according to French regulations, Black Friday is only a period of promotions, outside the periods officially authorized sales.

However, sales at a loss are prohibited outside sales periods, which means that the reductions displayed reach less easily 50%, or even 70% and even 90%, as we see in the United States.

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