Monday, January 17

Black Friday has expired

  • Benedicte Havn Sivertsen (21)

    Deputy Chairman, DNT Ung

Stalls, attics, basements and garages are full of equipment and clothes, writes Benedicte Havn Sivertsen (21) in DNT Ung.

Do we really need to devote an entire week to buying even more?

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Now this year’s Black Friday is just around the corner. In just one day, we Norwegians shop for dizzying sums. At the same time, we know that nature, the environment and the climate are threatened by ever-increasing pollution and overconsumption.

Do we really need to devote an entire week to buying even more, just because it’s apparently cheap? No, we do not!

Easier with reuse

That is why DNT Ung arranges «Green Friday». It is a national change day as a green and sustainable response to Black Fridays’ contribution to unnecessary over-consumption.

We want to help take care of nature and the environment by making it even easier to reuse, exchange, repair and sell further outdoor equipment that you do not use, rather than throwing away and buying new.

Benedicte Havn Sivertsen (21), deputy head of DNT Ung.

Only here in little Norway did sales in Norwegian sports shops pass 21.5 billion kroner in 2020. A frighteningly high number. It should make us all think about our own consumption.

On “Green Friday”, for example, you can exchange or resell the shell jacket you bought for one cabin trip with a group of friends, which you know you will never use again, because you have another you like better.

More than we need

Buying equipment for billions a year results in most of us having much more than we need and spend. Stalls, attics, basements and garages are full of equipment and clothes, and every day a lot of this goes straight into the rubbish bin despite the fact that it is almost unused.

By giving outdoor equipment and clothing a new life, we can help take care of nature and the environment. For what are we going to do with new hiking gear and equipment if the snow is gone and nature is ruined by our over-consumption?

We have heard it before everyone: If we are to save nature and the climate, we must take action. Now. Each and every one of us. “Green Friday” is a perfect opportunity to contribute to the largest and most important charity event of our time. And besides, Black Friday has gone out of date.

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