Thursday, December 9

Buffalo Grill: Indians, cowboys … why is the Wild West universe abandoned?

The Indians and the cowboys at Buffalo Grill, it’s over. The iconic French restaurant chain, specializing in grilled meat and with the theme of the Far West universe, has indeed decided to have a facelift to adopt a more American-style “steakhouse” style.

It is through a new advertisement relayed Friday, November 19 on the Twitter account of the communication agency Marcel, that the group which has also just bought Courtepaille, announced this change of style.

In this publication, we see an Indian and a cowboy leaving a Buffalo Grill, taking with them the famous red bison that adorns the entrance to the restaurants.

The agency comments: “Bye Bye cowboys and Indians, Buffalo Grill is reinventing itself as a ‘House of BBQ’ (” Maison du barbecue, in French) “. And for those who are worried, the group wants to be reassuring: “No stress, there is always the welcome salad and the birthday song.”

Adapt To Last

For the record, this is not the first time that the Buffalo Grill restaurant chain, created in 1980 by Christian Picart, has changed its style. It has already had several trends. In its early days, it was inspired by American dinners and most restaurants had taken up residence in former gas stations closed by Total. The Hollywood inspiration of the western then came to give its saloon style that we associate with Buffalo Grill.

However, the health crisis had a very negative impact on the group, which had a very difficult year in 2020 at the financial level. Buffalo Grill has indeed signed a record decline of 40% of its turnover, amounting to 232 million euros. A crisis such that the chain was indebted to the tune of 160 million in 2020. A debt since restructured thanks to TDR Capital, shareholder of the group.

It is therefore to face this crisis that Buffalo Grill has chosen to modernize its style, which will also include the plates. If the menu remains the same, the meat offered in restaurants is now only of French origin against European before.

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