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Christmas 2021: 5 books to give to an astrology fan

Astral theme, cycle of the moon, compatibilities … While astrology is experiencing a resurgence of interest, especially among young people, here is a selection of books accessible to all dedicated to this divinatory art.

The most complete

©Hugo Image

Passionate about astrology since her childhood, Shera Kerienski, who has nearly 2 million subscribers on Youtube, publishes “L’Astro book”. From the astral sky, to houses, through the planets, and love compatibility, this 192-page guide deciphers the secret messages of each astrological sign.

“The Astro book”, Shera Kerienski, ed. Hugo Image.

The most pop culture



For her part, Maheva Stephan-Bugni, teacher and creator of the Instagram account @astrotruc, followed by nearly 360,000 people, offers readers the opportunity to calculate their birth chart with humor and drawing parallels with references from pop culture: films, series, novels, songs …

“Astrotruc”, Maheva Stephan-Bugni, ed. Marabout.

The most lunar


© The Lotus and the Elephant

Kirsty Gallagher explains in her book how to live to the rhythm of the cycles of the Moon according to its sign, and to identify both the periods favorable to introspection and those most favorable to action. The author also gives suggestions for lunar rituals and tips for using stones.

“Living with the Moon,” Kirsty Gallagher, ed. The Lotus and the Elephant.

The most divinatory


© Grancher

In “Practical course in forecasting astrology”, Catherine Aubier guides the reader step by step on the path to forecasting. We learn what are the most important planetary influences, how to detect their period of action, interpret them, but also measure their psychological and event impact.

“Practical course in predictive astrology”, Catherine Aubier, ed. Grancher.

The most numerological


© Marie Claire

Like the birth chart, the numerological chart can give valuable insight into the personality, according to American numerologist and astrologer Tania Gabrielle. In her manual, she explains how to calculate it based on the numbers of our date of birth, our phone number, or those associated with our first name.

“The numerology manual”, Tania Gabrielle, ed. Marie Claire.

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