Saturday, December 4

Closure of emergency services: in Mamers, elected officials and residents demonstrate today

Every day in France, the closures of emergency services are increasing. This is particularly the case in Mamers, in the Sarthe, where, from November 29, the local hospital emergency room will close for a month.

In this Sarthe town which serves a living area of ​​some 30,000 inhabitants, this occasional closure is explained by the fact that there is not enough nursing staff to provide the service.

But residents and local elected officials fear that this situation will continue, auguring a definitive closure.

This is why, to alert on their situation, a demonstration of support for the public hospital is organized this Tuesday, November 23.

Residents who feel “abandoned”

Draguignan, Laval, Grenoble, Saint-Calais, Givors, Douais, Saint-Chamond, and, today Mamers, the problem often remains the same: the absence of nursing staff in a hospital sector very weakened by the health crisis and who struggles to get up.

In the meantime, healthcare establishments are trying to adapt. But whether it is nocturnal, confined to weekends, for a few days or a few weeks, the outcome is the same each time: closure.

And in Mamers as elsewhere, caregivers and citizens say they feel “abandoned”.

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