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Competition. Miss France 2022: blind tasting, the candidates for the Garden of Eden

“The Misses, they can touch the pod!” : this Monday, Franck the farmer lived his best life with ten of the 29 candidates for the title of Miss France 2022, currently in preparation stay in Reunion. The Monsignor of this nursery, who is gradually taking over from his father Benoît, received beautiful plants on his estate on Monday … Miss Alsace, Ile-de-France, Rhône-Alpes, Lorraine or Brittany were among the young ladies who visited this site. Garden of Eden of nearly 8 hectares (and three hectares in the heights) located on the east coast of the island, in Saint-Philippe.

Corossol, safou, macadamia noix…

Through the plantation of organic fruits and vegetables, our Eve discovered endemic, old or rare varieties such as soursop, safou (a salted oleaginous fruit that looks like a green date), macadamia nut or … the popular cocoa. In front of the tree loaded with green, yellow or red pods, the gourmands applauded the opening of the fruit in two, from which emerge the pulp and beans. “Can we eat them like this?” ask the girls. “The pulp yes, it is very tangy and fragrant, but the raw beans are bitter”. It will be necessary to let them ferment, dry, and roast them to even glimpse a transformation into chocolate. Disappointment ! They could already see themselves biting into it …

“Do you know how to collect papaya?”

Suddenly, Miss Lorraine embarked, at the bend of a road, in a funny story: “Do you know how to pick up papaya? Well, if we pick up the straw with a fork, we pick up the papaya with a fork! ” We have to admit it: it was a real flop with his friends. “Carambar jokes are forbidden!” exclaims a journalist. “It’s the humor of the East,” she laughs.

On the course, the enormous fruits of the jackfruit, which weighs 5 kilos on average, challenged the Misses. “The biggest Jacques in the world weighed nearly 43 kilos” specifies Franck. “How do you know he’s ripe?” “It takes on an orange color, it becomes less hard … and it smells more and more bad.” Miss Guadeloupe feels, circumspect. “It’s very nutritious, full of protein …” he continues. She still doesn’t look convinced.

“I wanted to spice up”

On the other hand, it is conquered by the sapote mamey during the blind test which ends the ride. Blindfolded, the young women had to taste blind and recognize, in addition to the name of this large orange berry with the scent of squash, jackfruit, candy cane, coconut, soursop or even pink bananas. . And no living insects or worms, like in “Koh Lanta”, just to see their reactions? “I wanted to spice things up, but my father didn’t want to” admits the son. Little rascal, go!

The farmer nevertheless knows how to conquer their taste buds, unanimously, by offering them squares of his own chocolate: “You are the first to taste it this year, it comes from a Trinitario cocoa tree. This product is intended to be the as raw as possible, it is composed of 75% cocoa beans and 25% sugar, that’s all. Without cocoa butter, therefore “. It’s good, and what’s more, it’s light. Perfect for the line of a Miss, less than three weeks before the election.

Election of “Miss France 2022”, Saturday December 11 from 9:05 pm, on TF1.

Chocolate, from tree to bar

The site visited produces, among other things, cocoa thanks to around thirty cocoa trees of several varieties. “We are the first farmers on the island to make our own chocolate, from tree to bar”, explains Franck, who embarked on this adventure only three years ago. “Last year, we marketed 200 tablets which were gone in a week and a half. I have planted 500 in four years and I plan to plant 500 more in 2022”.

After four to five years, the cocoa tree can bear fruit every year. Will the production of its chocolate be able to develop … and conquer the metropolis?

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