Sunday, January 16

Covid-19: Le Pen advocates the lifting of “constraints” which “have no meaning”

Marine Le Pen, candidate of the National Rally (RN – extreme right) for the presidential election of 2022 during a trip to Marseille, November 19, 2021 Nicolas TUCAT

The RN presidential candidate Marine Le Pen wished on Tuesday “the lifting” of the vaccination obligation for caregivers against Covid-19 and the health pass, “constraints” which “do not make sense”, suggesting ” to learn to live with this virus “.

Asked about France Inter on the situation in Guadeloupe, where the mobilization against this obligation and the past degenerated into violence, she said “against the vaccination obligation of caregivers (and) anyone”.

“Vaccination is useful in preventing severe forms of Covid, but the real question is + can it prevent the virus from circulating? +. Today the answer is no, so what is the use of the pass? , apart from leaving the population under a form of unnecessary and disproportionate coercion? ”she also asked.

As for the third dose of vaccine, she considered that “everyone should be free to do it or not” and that “it is up to each person to determine the benefit-risk for them to be vaccinated”.

“We will learn to live with this virus,” she said, while the 5th wave of contaminations affecting France is not currently accompanied by a massive influx of patients to the hospital. “But let us lift all these constraints which are starting to become terribly heavy,” she urged, because “obviously nothing can prevent the circulation of the virus, so all these obligations do not make sense”.

If she was elected, she “suspends (rait) the suspension of caregivers and all those who work because it is absolutely useless and we need caregivers”.

“For the rest, we wash our hands, very well perfect, no problem, we put a mask in places where there are people, not outside, for the rest we remove all these constraints which in reality obviously are useless, ”she insisted.

She also attacked Prime Minister Jean Castex, who tested positive for Covid-19 on Monday, “who shakes hands, goes to restaurants, and is much more dangerous than an unvaccinated person who does not have the Covid” .

Asked about an investigation by Mediapart on Professor Didier Raoult, who allegedly falsified results to promote the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine, Ms. Le Pen lamented “an absolutely incredible cabal while he (Mr. Raoult) just demanded freedom prescription for physicians “.

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