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Euromillions: Here are the astrological signs that have the most chances of winning

What if the key to fortune was in astrology? This trail deserves to be explored. Because if it seems quite eccentric in the first place, it is nevertheless very serious and supported by a study.

To get to the bottom of it, The Lott, the equivalent of the Française des Jeux but for Australia, has thus undertaken to analyze the dates of birth of the big winners of the Australian lottery of the year 2019.

And if this study was carried out in other latitudes, we can bet that it can also work in Europe.

Like a fish in gold

Thus, The Lott explains that if we should find a little more than 8.33% of winners among all the astrological signs, it turns out that in reality there are large disparities between the twelve signs of the zodiac and, clearly In this respect at least, all players are not in the same boat.

On the first step of the podium for lucky players, there is no doubt the Pisces, since they alone represented 11.6% of the big winners of the Australian lottery last year.

In other words, more than one in ten players who won the jackpot were of this sign.

Gemini and Virgo also at the party

Gemini are also well off and come close behind. They weighed in effect for 9.9% of the lucky ones who pocketed millions.

Finally, at the 3rd step of the podium, we find the natives of the Virgin who won 8.9% of the lottery jackpots last year.

Good to know: from fourth to sixth place, no jealousy. We find in fact equal 8.5% of players under the sign of Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus.

The SagiTaires in pain

Things get tough from 7th place.

The sign of Cancer, whose natives took the jackpot at 8.2%, thus opens the ball for the worst off. The natives of this sign are the first to obtain a score lower than the total average of the players (8.33%).

People born under the sign of Leo, Libra and Capricorn, come just next with 7.7%.

Finally, at the back of the pack, come the natives of Aries (7.5%) and especially of Sagittarius who bring up the rear, with only 6% of the big winners.

Conclusion: Pisces would be nearly twice as likely to hit the jackpot as Sagittarius.

Disparities to explain

But are we 100% sure of these disparities? In fact not really.

Concretely, to really know what it is all about, it would first be necessary to weight these percentages with the proportion of players of each astrological sign.

In other words, if the Pisces are really the ones who play the lottery the most and the Sagittarius those who play it the least, it is coherent that it is the Pisces who appear as the “luckiest”.

Then, even if we assume that there is not such a marked difference in the dates of birth of the players, the ideal would be to repeat the study over the last ten or next years, only valid scientific method to know if certain astrological signs are – really – luckier than others at the lotto or the Euromillions.

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