Sunday, November 28

Exclusive. Domestic or sexual violence: victims in an irregular situation may be regularized

A need to improve the reception of victims

The #DoublePeine on social networks has shown it in recent weeks: the reception of victims of sexual or domestic violence is sometimes not up to the trauma. Failures that the Minister of the Interior recognizes. “Our job is to improve this public service, by understanding that errors and mistakes can be made”, explains Gérald Darmanin, mentioning in particular the feminicide of Mérignac, where the police officer who had recorded the victim’s complaint had himself been convicted of domestic violence. Since then, the ministry says it has cleaned up. “Less than fifty members of the police convicted of domestic violence have been identified. No one is now in contact with the public,” said the minister.

The police are also more and more trained to welcome the victims’ words. Nearly 49,000 police officers have already received training, of which 2,745 are “experts”, and a little over 40,000 gendarmes, out of a total of 150,000 police forces in contact with the public. And since September 1, 647 “domestic violence” referents have been appointed in the police, 1,743 in the gendarmerie.

Finally, since November 15, the taking of complaints from victims outside police stations and gendarmeries has been tested for a period of six months, in particular in Le Mans, Avignon, Bastia, in Vaucluse or even in Pas-de-Calais. . The goal: to collect the words of the victim, where she feels most secure. A first assessment is scheduled for January.


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