Thursday, December 9

Fillon trial on appeal: his former deputy justifies the continuation of Penelope Fillon’s contract

Marc Joulaud, former deputy to François Fillon, upon his arrival at the Paris Court of Appeal on November 22, 2021 Thomas COEX

She was the “best collaborator” possible. François Fillon’s former deputy, Marc Joulaud, on Tuesday defended the hiring of Penelope Fillon in the appeal appeal in Paris of the former prime minister when he in turn became a member of parliament in 2002.

“Not knowing the constituency and not being known to the inhabitants, the best collaborator was Penelope Fillon, who surveyed the constituency for 20 years”, assured Marc Joulaud, while acknowledging that he was not at the start ” not applicant “of this hiring, suggested by François Fillon.

Long-time collaborator of François Fillon, Marc Joulaud was propelled to the age of 34, when his mentor entered the government. He then signs a contract with Ms. Fillon, whose remuneration is increased to 5,300 euros net, more than what she received with her husband.

For two hours, Marc Joulaud took up the same line of defense as the former Prime Minister, questioned Monday, concerning the period 2002-2007, facing a president of the court sometimes annoyed, inviting him to move away from ” The repetition from the point of view “of his co-defendants.

The one who lost the town hall of Sablé-sur-Sarthe in 2020 and is today, at 54 years old, a “job seeker”, sought to convince of the reality of the work of his “main collaborator”, facing the court which underlined the low number of “documents of the file which relate to the period during which you had as employee Mrs. Fillon.”

The trial judgment observes that he cited “few names” of elected officials that Ms. Fillon would have made him meet? This time, he lists about twenty names of local officials.

His collaborator dealt mainly with the mail addressed to her husband? “In the minds of the inhabitants, the deputy is François Fillon”, he justifies. “By processing the mail addressed to the deputy, she was working for the constituency”.

François Fillon, his wife and Marc Joulaud are retried until November 30 for suspicion of “fictitious or overvalued” employment of Penelope Fillon as parliamentary assistant between 1998 and 2013, paid a total of 612,000 euros net.

In June 2020, the former tenant of Matignon was sentenced to five years’ imprisonment, two of which was firm and a fine of 375,000 euros. Penelope Fillon received a three-year suspended prison sentence and a € 375,000 fine, her former deputy, three years suspended and a € 20,000 fine suspended.

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