Thursday, December 9

Flu: the vaccination campaign intensifies

Started on October 22 and run until January 31, 2022, the influenza vaccination campaign takes a special form this year due to the parallel campaign for the third dose of vaccine against COVID-19.

At the Arcachon hospital (Gironde), and as in other health establishments in the country, the nursing staff are given priority in vaccination.

Here, it is the health executives who pass through the services to inject the dose of influenza vaccine.

“It is an obligation for us to protect ourselves and to protect our patients”, indicated at the microphone of CNEWS Elodie Forget, nurse in cardiology.

For healthcare professionals, it is also an obligation to set an example for everyone.

“The flu also kills”

This year, flu vaccination is doubly important due to Covid-19. “The flu can also kill”, points out moreover rightly Sandrine Dupin, nurse.

In pharmacies, the campaign for the general public has been slow to start but demand is strong for the next few days when it is possible to be vaccinated against the coronavirus and the flu at the same time.

Last winter, 47% of the population was vaccinated against the flu, it is very far from the 75% recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization).

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