Monday, January 17

Gastronomy Festival: Another week to test and judge tamarind-based dishes – Faxinfo

Chef restaurateurs from the French side are invited to prepare a dish around tamarind and insert it into their menu during the Saint-Martin gastronomy festival organized by the tourist office, from November 13 to 30. Nearly 76 have accepted the challenge. That means so many recipes to try in two weeks!

And to do this, the tourist office has invited some of the best chefs from metropolitan France and the Caribbean. Every day – noon and night – they test a table. At the end of the meal, an evaluation grid is distributed, a score between 1 and 5 must be attributed to the presentation of the plate, the enhancement of the tamarind, the originality of the dish, the balance of flavors, etc. At the end of the festival, the dish which will have collected the highest score will allow its creator to win the title of best table of Saint-Martin 2021.

After a week of tasting, the great chefs admit to having made real culinary discoveries and being “impressed” by the quality of the dishes on offer. “We feel that the chefs are really involved in this festival. Some have made a very great research effort in the development of their dish. We really feel their desire to please, to share and to introduce people to a flavor that we know little about, ”says Laurent Huguet.

The public is also invited to vote for the best table in Saint-Martin 2021. In establishments participating in the festival, amateur gourmets can order the tamarind selection and then vote directly on the event’s website. The last dishes will be served on November 30.

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