Thursday, December 9

General strike. Martinique: police and firefighters targeted by gunfire, no injuries

After Guadeloupe, anger spreads in Martinique. Police and firefighters were repeatedly targeted by gunfire overnight Monday to Tuesday in Fort-de-France, Public Security told AFP. No injuries are to be deplored.

While the violence continues in Guadeloupe, also in the grip of a social protest related to the vaccine obligation against Covid-19, major roadblocks blocked this Tuesday, as the day before, the main roads of Martinique. These blockages are part of the call for a general strike launched by 17 trade union organizations with various demands, including the end of the vaccination obligation and suspensions for caregivers, but also the increase in salaries and social minima and lower fuel and gas prices.

The severely disrupted road network

The police, as well as firefighters, were targeted by gunfire and projectile throws as they intervened on trash fires on the public highway in the Sainte-Thérèse district. in Fort-de-France, according to police sources.

“We intervened on trash fires in Sainte-Thérèse around 11:30 pm in support of the firefighters. We received projectiles. Other garbage and vehicle fires were lit around 1:45 am, it is at this time that the patrols have come under fire of 9 mm on several occasions. Impacts were noted on the vehicles “, specified the commander Joël Larcher, person in charge of the communication of the departmental direction of the public security of Fort-de-France.

The road network is also severely disrupted. Access to the agglomeration of Fort-de-France, in central Martinique, is impossible from the south and north of the island. Trucks, taxis, but also pallets and tires have been placed at strategic points on the road network. These roadblocks were installed early Tuesday morning at the call of the inter-union.

The strikers ask to be received by the prefect

“We tell the prefect to respect us,” said Eric Bellemarre, general secretary of Force Ouvrière Martinique, on RCI radio on Tuesday morning. “The Prime Minister announced that it was necessary to open a space for dialogue but his local representative should not have received the message,” added the union leader. The strikers are indignant at not having been received Monday by the prefect of Martinique at the end of the first day of demonstration, justifying the hardening of the movement.

In Guadeloupe, gendarmes also received actual bullets, Foreign Ministers Sébastien Lecornu and Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin reported on Tuesday morning. The restoration of public order in Guadeloupe is the “prerequisite for any discussion,” warned Gerald Darmanin.

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