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Here is the best deodorant according to the UFC-What to choose

UFC-What to Choose analyzes are often highly regarded by mindful buyers. Especially when it comes to beauty products, some controversial components of which are now known. This time, the magazine focused its study on deodorant.

The UFC-Que Choisir unveiled its ranking of the best antiperspirant deodorants in its issue of the month of May. A dozen antiperspirant deodorants were therefore combed through.

Several criteria were used to compare them: the deodorant and antiperspirant effectiveness, any traces left on the clothes but also the composition of the formula according to “the presence or absence of allergens or suspected endocrine disruptors”.

The environmental impact of products, and their effect on health, has indeed become a real criterion of choice in our time.

A cheap but effective deodorant

In the light of these results, three products stand out and obtain a score of 15/20. The big winner of this analysis is … the Invisible deodorant of the brand Cien, sold by Lidl at a price of 0.79 cents. A ridiculous price, which is not a bad sign, on the contrary.

“Lidl, definitely still in tune with the times, does not forget that the ingredients are a criterion of choice for the consumer”, underlines the magazine.

If the model Dare the Black! Invisible de Narta slightly takes the lead in the ranking with a result of 15.2, this first place does not prevent some negative points such as an illegible label and therefore difficult to analyze, and the presence of allergens.

For people prone to allergies, the magazine recommends Carrefour’s Anti-Traces Blanches, which tied for second place on the podium with Cien’s Invisible antiperspirant. The prices are € 3.49 for the Narta and € 1.69 for the Carrefour.

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