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Here is the best honey according to 60 million consumers

The French are crazy about honey. They eat 50,000 tonnes of it every year, according to industry representatives (Alliance 7). But do they know what exactly is in their jar? On the shelves of supermarkets, there are many products imported, especially from China.

In order to assess the quality of the honeys sold in France, the association 60 million consumers sifted 24 jars different brands in a survey published in its last November issue. These are liquid or creamy flower honeys, the most popular among the French.

It analyzed the nature and quantities of pollen grains present in each product as well as their origin. In fact, most of the products on the market contain a mixture of honeys from different origins (which is perfectly legal but must appear on the label). It is not uncommon to find up to six different countries in a pot reminiscent of the association (Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, Ukraine, Spain and France).

At the end of a series of analyzes, a classification was therefore established. It’s the spring flower honey from La Grande Epicerie de Paris (€ 9.90 for 350 g) which climbs to first place. “It ticks all the boxes for a high-quality product,” explains 60 million consumers, relying on criteria of quality, authenticity and the absence of contaminants.

In second position, we find Provence flower honey from the Lubéron hives (€ 10.30 for 500g). This is an IGP Provence product (Protected Geographical Indication). After analysis, 60 million consumers confirm that “the pollens found attest to its origin with a third of them coming from flowers of brambles, brassicaceae and, in smaller proportions, common chestnut and horse chestnut”.

Finally, at the bottom of the ranking, the products of the Famille Vacher and Le Manoir des abeilles brands are not recommended by the association.

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