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Increased driver’s salary? Then the truck owners will have paid better from the business community.

NHO will raise the salary for drivers. The truck owners answer that they can not afford. The competition is too fierce.

Truck owners want better pay from the business community.

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The Norwegian Truck Owners’ Association (NLF) does not readily agree with NHO’s goal of increasing the salaries of drivers.

– I share NHO’s concern about the lack of drivers, but I am afraid that pointing unilaterally at the transport companies and the local negotiations is the wrong way to go, says CEO Geir A. Mo in NLF.

In Aftenposten / E24 on Saturday, CEO Are Kjensli of NHO Logistics and Transport (NHO LT) spoke in favor of raising driver salaries to improve recruitment. But this must happen through the local wage negotiations, was his message.

The trucks will have a “decent” price

Mo and NLF point the finger back at NHO. Most truck owners drive on behalf of NHO’s companies.

– Many of the carriers have for years struggled to get paid a decent price for the services they provide. Our member companies have a bottom line of 2-3 percent and have very little and nothing to pay increased salaries with, says Mo.

– Is not that how fierce competition works?

– Yes, and our companies operate in a tough European transport market. The truck owners’ profits are less than half of what is usual in Norwegian business and industry, which clearly illustrates this.

NLF has around 3,000 member companies with around 23,000 employees and 20,000 trucks. Most employees are drivers.

CEO Geir A. Mo, NLF

The business community buys transport

The truck owners drive on direct assignments from NHO companies or for the logistics companies that are members of Are Kjensli in NHO LT. Or for other customers.

The transport companies Bring and Postnord both have their own cars and hire other truck owners to transport goods.

The large logistics company Schenker has almost no drivers in Norway. They rather use 1100 drivers in hired transport companies. Schenker is a member of NHO LT, and Kjensli’s request is therefore in practice aimed at transport companies other than his own.

Encourages to think Norwegian

If the driver’s salary is going up, then it will cost. Mo will send the bill to the NHO companies.

– Our customers, for a large part NHO’s member companies, must therefore prepare for the prices of transport services to rise, he says.

He accuses parts of the Norwegian business community of sending the transport assignments out of the country when they have not managed to put more pressure on the Norwegian transport companies.

– When the driver shortage now increases, it is no longer useful to point to Norwegian truck owners and say that they must increase wages. Instead, the business community must recognize that green, responsible transport costs, he says.

– Do you want to weaken the competition?

– No I dont want to. We have competed since the transport took place by horse and cart. But the competition must be on equal terms for Norwegian and foreign carriers and at a higher level of earnings. If drivers’ salaries are to go up, we must have something to pay with.

Do not hang out

In addition, Mo lists a number of other conditions that must be improved in order to get more people to choose the driving profession:

  • Junk foreign carriers need to be better controlled
  • The capacity of driver training needs to be improved
  • There must be more traffic instructors
  • There must be an end to hanging out drivers who are fined for trifles
  • Accessibility on the roads in bad weather must be improved

– The industry has many challenges in addition to wages, which we must solve, says Mo.

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