Sunday, November 28

Italy: Apple and Amazon fined 200 million euros

The two giants have violated the rules of competition and the Italian justice has ruled. Apple and Amazon were fined 200 million euros on Tuesday, November 23.

According to the Italian Antitrust, the two American companies have restricted access to the Amazon e-commerce platform of certain resellers of Apple brand products. The competition policeman “imposed a sanction of 68.7 million euros on companies in the Amazon group and a sanction of 134.5 million euros on companies in the Apple group”, it is specified in a press release.

The two giants would have signed on October 31, 2018, clauses “prohibiting official and unofficial resellers of Apple and Beats products from using the platform and allowing the sale of Apple and Beats products in this market only. to Amazon and to certain sellers chosen individually and in a discriminatory manner, ”explains Antitrust, which points out that such clauses“ violate article 101 of the Treaty on the functioning of the EU ”.

European jurisprudence

Concretely, the Italian authority explains that Apple and Amazon have agreed to introduce restrictions on the number of resellers, in order to increase their earnings. Investigations in this direction are currently being carried out in Germany and Spain, specifies the Italian Antitrust for whom this decision, based on European case law, could “serve as a model”.

In Italy, Amazon accounts for 70% of consumer electronics purchases.

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