Thursday, December 9

Justice. Jean-Marc Morandini sent to court for “corruption of minors”

The Paris Court of Appeal on Tuesday validated the referral of Jean-Marc Morandini to the criminal court for “corruption of minors”, according to information from BFMTV. Which therefore opens the way to his trial.

As a reminder, the host of CNews was indicted in 2016 for making sexual proposals to two young men, who were minors at the time of the facts.

Message exchanges

A first man who complained assures that Jean-Marc Morandini would have made him sexual proposals in Twitter messages exchanged in 2013. If the host assured that he did not know the age of his interlocutor, the young man said he was aware he was underage since his age was mentioned on his Twitter profile. The man has now withdrawn his complaint, but Jean-Marc Morandini should still be questioned about these facts in the context of a possible trial.

The second complainant, who has also withdrawn since, had recounted having been contacted in 2009 by Jean-Marc Morandini’s production company via a casting site for a remake project of the American film Ken Park. He explained that he was invited, alone, to the host’s home where the latter would have invited him to undress and to reproduce a masturbation scene. “He wanted me to masturbate in front of him. He told me that the people who had already passed the casting had done it and that if I didn’t, I wouldn’t get the part,” he said. he declared during his hearing, still according to BFMTV.

According to his lawyer, Jean-Marc Morandini could appeal in cassation to avoid a trial.

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