Saturday, December 4

Koh-Lanta: time for recovery without Teheiura and two eliminations on the program for this Tuesday evening

After a short break due to a football match last week, Koh-Lanta is back on Tuesday, November 23 with episode 12 of “The Legend”.

A highly anticipated episode after the eviction of Teheuira for cheating, and which will see the elimination of two candidates. Two weeks ago, the show’s iconic adventurer was asked to pack his bags after eating food offered by a fisherman. After having confessed what constitutes a “serious” breach of the Koh-Lanta regulations, the candidate therefore had to leave the Island of the Banned to join the residence of the final jury.

At a time when viewers will find them this Tuesday at 9:05 p.m., the other participants, located on the main island, are not yet aware of this eviction and will have to fight hard to keep their place, especially as Denis Brogniart will submit them to an eliminatory comfort test.

At stake for the winner: an evening on the neighboring island with the possibility of bathing, enjoying a massage, having dinner, but also enjoying a night under the stars protected by a mosquito net and breakfast. On the other hand, for the last of the test, it will be elimination.

The immunity test will see them contest what will be “the most beautiful balance on the water in the history of Koh-Lanta”, promises Denis Brogniart, “perhaps the most intense test of the 20 years of the show, ”he adds.

Additional precautions

Following the cheating affair, and to ensure fairness between the participants, “the production has strengthened the presence of goalkeepers on the camp and will continue to do so over the coming seasons,” said the Adventure Line Productions teams. to journalists from Ciné Télé Revue.

Two weeks after the broadcast of the shock episode in which the five-time Koh-Lanta candidate was fired, the production also launched several appeals for calm, while the adventurers, some suspected of having “swayed” Teheiura to the teams of filming, are threatened and harassed online.

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