Thursday, December 9

Le Puy du Fou is launching its 4,000 km show train across France in 2023

A six-day journey by train, 4,000 km of road, and unique attractions at each stopover. Dubbed “Le Grand Tour”, the ambitious Puy du Fou project will be launched in 2023.

It will take the form of a luxurious train capable of accommodating thirty passengers. The style ? “Belle Epoque, but with all modern comforts”, explains Nicolas de Villiers, president of the famous historical theme park. Customers will travel for six days through France on “regular but not heavily trafficked” lines.

Eleven stopovers – and as many attractions – are planned: painting with Cézanne in Aix-en-Provence (Bouches-du-Rhône), oyster tasting in the Arcachon basin (Gironde), visit of the Dom Pérignon cave (Marne), or places usually closed to the public … And passengers are not at the end of their surprises. The train itself is an attraction.

Composed of five passenger cars, three cars reserved for staff, two dining cars and a bar car, there will be “something new every half hour” on board. Example: taste the calissons of Aix-en-Provence (Bouches-du-Rhône), or drink a cognac in Cognac (Charente).

4.900 € the place

Obviously, the price of the trip is not given. € 4,900 instead of making the “tens of millions of euros” invested in the project profitable. It is possible to make a pre-reservation on what site, for 150 €.

In exchange for this sum, the Puy du Fou ensures a true luxury stay. Guests are accommodated in cabins with private bathrooms, personal butlers, and the ability to adjust music, light and temperature.

The principle is to compete alone or with others on issues of Culture G.

“We will be the first 100% private railway company to transport passengers in France”, rejoices Nicolas de Villiers. Owned entirely by the Puy du Fou, but in collaboration with SNCF Réseau on the way, the train hopes to welcome 600 passengers in 2023, spread over the 23 weeks of circulation.

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