Friday, January 21

National Anti-Harassment Day: Many actions implemented in primary schools and 2nd level establishments – Faxinfo

This day of mobilization, which took place on Thursday, November 18, was an opportunity to recall how much prevention and the fight against harassment are fundamental to allow students to have a fulfilling education within the framework of the School of the Republic.

Too many children and adolescents suffer from bullying, mockery, exclusion and even physical violence on a daily basis.

Detecting harassment, freeing up speech, allowing victims to find the necessary help were among the goals of this day.

Numerous actions have thus been implemented, both in primary schools and in secondary schools in Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin.

Prevention interventions were carried out in many classes, with the participation of social workers, school psychologists, EMAS (Mobile Academic Security Team), MPF (Maison de Protection des Familles, ex BPDJ), La Croix -Rouge and the school mediator.

For further information and numerous resources, the Department of National Education of Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin invites you to consult the platform dedicated to the fight against harassment in the Northern Islands: https: // padlet. com / joellemariefrancillette / ecf03p9zz5envk43

Also note, the two hotlines set up by the Government:

For reports of bullying : the 3020

For the facts of cyberbullying : the 3018


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