Sunday, November 28

OL-OM: What Dimitri Payet said to the police

Dimitri Payet was at the OM training center on Monday, the day after the bottle throw that hit him in the head in Lyon. If he did not participate in training with his teammates, he spoke at the beginning of the afternoon with two police officers who had come to collect his complaint.

Less than 24 hours after the incident at Groupama Stadium, which led to the final interruption of the match between Lyon and Marseille, the Marseille midfielder was still very marked. He was all the more affected as he had already been the target of a bottle throw in August in Nice. He nevertheless took the time to explain what happened, as he was about to kick a corner after only a few minutes of play.

“We had just started the meeting when I received a full plastic water bottle at the level of the skull and more precisely at the level of the left ear. I immediately felt a sharp pain and I fell to the ground, ”he told police, according to L’Equipe.

Under the impact of the shock, the international tricolor remained for several minutes lying on the lawn, where he was quickly taken care of by the Marseille medical staff. “I was stunned but I didn’t fall for it. I don’t know where the bottle came from. I did not see the perpetrator. I stayed on the ground for several minutes, the pain was intense, ”added Payet.

After getting up, he immediately returned to the locker room with the rest of his teammates completely “shocked”. “When I returned to the locker room, I realized what had happened to me. I was shocked, alone, on the treatment table, ”he said. And he was “completely unable to resume the meeting.” Especially since it was not the first time that he was “a victim of this kind of facts”.

Faced with these events, he admitted to being “now afraid of corners when I play away”. He then announced that he was filing a complaint against his alleged attacker. The latter will be tried from this Tuesday in immediate appearance before the judicial court of Lyon.

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