Thursday, December 9

PMA for all: already nearly 3,000 requests, according to the government

A protester during a rally calling for assisted reproduction for all, in Rennes on October 10, 2020 Damien MEYER

Almost 3,000 women affected by the opening in the autumn of assisted reproduction for all, that is to say not being in a relationship with a man, have asked to benefit from it, announced Tuesday Olivier Véran, Minister of Health, citing an increase in gamete donations.

“This is beyond anything we had imagined since 2,750 new requests were registered with a view to having ART (…) for single women or women in a couple” with another woman , declared Mr. Véran in front of the deputies.

Medically assisted procreation, or PMA, has been possible since the end of September for all women, including now those who are not married or who are in a relationship with a woman.

This measure, passed during the summer as part of a major bioethics law, therefore responded to a “crying need”, according to the minister.

However, this expansion raises the question of donation of gametes, spermatozoa and oocytes, which may no longer be sufficient to meet demand when the deadlines are already long.

The Biomedicine Agency, the public body that manages LDCs, therefore launched in October a campaign to encourage sperm and oocyte donation, in order to fill this gap.

“The good news is that the centers let us know that there has already been a significant increase in proposals for donation of gametes in recent weeks,” said Olivier Véran, without citing a figure.

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