Monday, January 17

Presidential 2022. Odoxa: Emmanuel Macron very popular five months before the presidential election

LR Congress: Bertrand, Barnier, Pécresse

Two of the three candidates of the LR competition scoring points with the people on the right. With 65% membership rating and a 5-point jump this month, Xavier Bertrand asserts himself for the first time as the favorite political figure of right-wing supporters outside the RN, while Michel Barnier continues his “remount” in gaining another 4 points this month with 51% membership rating.

As for Valérie Pécresse, even if she retreated in November after her strong increase in October, she is still well placed with a 57% membership rating.

The competition among the 150,000 LR members is totally indecipherable (no survey is possible among them) it would hardly be easier to quantify among the millions of supporters and right-wing voters as the three favorites stand at a few points.

Good news for the right in any case, regardless of the winner chosen on December 3, it is very likely that he will experience a significant “boost” in the intentions to vote in the presidential election.

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