Sunday, November 28

“Recolonization”: what we know about this ultra-right group of which 13 members were arrested

A net strike against the ultra-right. This Tuesday, November 23, the group “Recolonization France” was targeted by the authorities, in a context where the police are foiling more and more violent projects coming from these small identity groups.

In total, 13 members of this cell were arrested, in Ile-de-France and in the south of the country. Weapons have also been found “everywhere”, according to sources familiar with the matter.

Close to the survivalist movement according to several media, and defining itself as “faf” (acronym meaning “France to the French”, note), Recolonization France has been the subject of surveillance by the General Directorate of Internal Security since summer 2020.

According to The Parisian, the group defines itself on social networks as a “patriotic French community clan”. It regularly called for the formation of armed groups, as its members are convinced that a civil war caused by immigration is imminent.

This is not the first arrest against such groups in recent weeks. In Gironde, two men were arrested and placed in pre-trial detention on November 19. One of them is suspected of “provocation to an act of terrorism” and “possession of a weapon of war and explosive substances in connection with a terrorist enterprise”. It remains to be seen whether the custody of the 13 members of Recolonization France will give rise to such indictments.

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