Tuesday, January 25

She mistakes an AirPod for pain reliever and makes a call from her stomach

A 27-year-old American influencer assured TikTok that she swallowed her AirPod, mistaking it for an Ibuprofen 800 tablet, before managing to expel it naturally.

In a video that has gone viral, Carli Bellmer explains her mishap: “So I ate my fucking left AirPods. I slipped into my bed, I had an ibuprofen 800 in one hand and my fucking AirPod – my left earbud – in the other. ” A fact which, according to her, was verified during an x-ray of her stomach.

Indeed, the young woman explains having tried to vomit her wireless earpiece several times. Attempts that were unsuccessful. She therefore went to the hospital where an X-ray confirmed the presence of the object in her body.

Her AirPod is making a call from her stomach

The influencer from Boston also explains that before her body evacuated the AirPod, it sent an audible voice message to a friend from her stomach. A situation that can be explained by the Bluetooth connection maintained between the earpiece and the young woman’s phone. “It’s funny now, but it was very scary at the time,” she recalls.

For some Internet users, Carli Bellmer tells stories and simply wants to create a buzz. For others, this situation is understandable since an ibuprofen 800 pill is large in size and can be mistaken for an earphone. The influencer, for her part, recalls that she is not the first to have been confronted with this situation and that her video was made “for educational purposes.”


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