Sunday, November 28

Spacecraft are launched at asteroids

On Wednesday, NASA launches a spacecraft that will act as in “Armageddon” and try to divert an asteroid.

A hit from an asteroid as large as this would wipe out all life on Earth. Now Nasa will find out if you can get an asteroid to change course by giving it a push. Illustration: Nasa / NTB

In the 1998 film, a desperate attempt was made to save the planet by hitting an asteroid. Now the same thing will happen in real life, but there is no danger that the world will perish if the mission fails.

It is in fact only an experiment, which will provide answers on how we can act if there really is an asteroid on a collision course that must be diverted.

The spacecraft Darts will be launched from California on Wednesday and will try to hit a 160 meter long asteroid and change its orbit. If everything goes according to plan, the clash will take place between 26 September and 1 October next year.

Project manager Ian Carnelli says that an asteroid will sooner or later come on a collision course with the earth, and that we must then have a plan ready for how it is to be handled.

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