Thursday, December 9

Squeezie: his parody single “Time Time” breaks records

Against all expectations, Youtubeur Squeezie’s parody single, entitled “Time Time”, became the most listened to in France in a few hours.

Composed to respond to a challenge for the benefit of Secours populaire, the parody track ranked first in streaming, and is also very successful in Romania.

In his last video Who will make the best hit of the 2000s?, Lucas Hauchard of his real name, alias Squeezie, explained how this project was born.

Two groups have given themselves 72 hours to write and perform their song inspired by the 2000s. The first trio, Trei Degete (“three fingers” in Romanian) consists of Squeezie and two artists, Myd and KronoMuzik. Yououtubeur Maskey, singer Le Motif and producer S2keyz form Ambiance Skandal.

Each trio put in competition: “Time Time” for Trei Degete, whose lyrics are exclusively in Romanian, and “Offishal” for Ambiance Skandal.

All profits donated to Secours populaire

The titles are sold online but also in Lidl stores, at a price of 4.90 euros per unit. “All profits from the sale of these singles will be donated to Secours populaire,” Squeezie said in his video.

The two titles are still competing on the official website. At the time of writing, the Squeezie trio is ahead of its competitor with nearly 60,000 sales, against 44,200. The winner of the contest for the best hit of the 2000s will be announced on December 15 according to the number of physical singles sold at Lidl.

Romania loves

Since November 15, the video has already accumulated more than 12 million views. On the Spotify and Deezer platforms, Time Time rose to number one in listening in France just 48 hours after it went live, and the single ranks fourth in Romania.

And for good reason, with their ultra-kitsch style and their offbeat lyrics, the Trei Degete pay tribute to O-Zone, a Moldovan group known worldwide in 2004, with their song Love of the lindens. A wind of nostalgia blowing over Romania, fallen under the spell of this French trio.

On the youtube channel Popcorn, Squeezie returned to this unexpected success, explaining that he had even been contacted by Romanian nightclubs. “We were too afraid that they would think we were making fun of them when not at all. We pay homage to them, but at the same time it could be interpreted as a mockery, ”he feared. “But for us, O-Zone, it’s mythical, and we said to ourselves that we had to make people aware of what was done at that time in those countries,” he said. he adds.

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