Thursday, December 9

SVT: The Left Party wants to release Magdalena Andersson as the new Prime Minister

The Left Party, the Social Democrats and the Green Party have negotiated an agreement on pensions. It may open the door for Magdalena Andersson to be approved as the new prime minister, according to SVT.

On Wednesday, the Riksdag will vote for or against a government led by the Social Democrats and Magdalena Andersson.

The Left Party has threatened to vote against Andersson. Thus, she would not have enough support to be approved.

But negotiations on pensions between Andersson and the Left’s leader Nooshi Dadgostar in the Ministry of Finance on Tuesday have resulted in an agreement. That’s what the Green Party tells the Greens in one press release. They also took part in the negotiations.

The agreement means that Vänstern will release Andersson during the vote in the Riksdag, according to SVT.

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