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Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well”, America’s Longest Top Hit

Taylor Swift à New York le 12 novembre 2021ANGELA WEISS

Taylor Swift’s new hit “All Too Well” became the longest track to top the US charts at 10 minutes and 13 seconds, surpassing US music classic and title holder “American Pie” for almost 50 years.

Don McLean’s song, 8 minutes and 42 seconds on the clock, lost its record in favor of the new version of a Taylor Swift hit, “All Too Well (Taylor’s Version)”, ranked number one this week on the famous chart “Hot 100” published by the trade magazine Billboard.

The title is part of “Red (Taylor’s Version)”, a new recording of an iconic album by the American artist, initially released in 2012.

Taylor Swift offered two new versions of “All Too Well” – the other lasting about 5 minutes. According to Billboard rules, these two titles are grouped together in one entry, thus facilitating this record.

“You made a 10-minute song number one for the first time in history,” said Taylor Swift, speaking to her millions of Instagram followers.

Taylor Swift met with resounding success in keeping her promise to re-record her first six albums so that she could control the rights. In addition to “Red”, the star has already released a new version of “Fearless” since she was cleared to begin this process in November 2020.

These new recordings are embellished with bonuses and previously unreleased tracks, such as the 10-minute version of “All Too Well”.

The coup follows his public feud with music industry mogul Scooter Braun, who owned the majority of the recordings of the singer’s first six albums, since sold to investment firm Shamrock Holdings.

Taylor Swift’s decision sparked a debate over the ownership of an artist’s work, and the conditions under which young musicians sign their contracts.

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