Tuesday, January 25

“Ten Percent”: Series Wins Best Comedy at the International Emmy Awards

Launched in 2015 on France 2, and now available internationally on Netflix, the series “Ten percent” has just received the prize for best comedy at the International Emmy Awards.

A real consecration for this series, part of an idea of ​​the former agent Dominique Besnehard which was renamed Call my Agent in the United States. The authors and producers traveled to New York for this ceremony which rewards the best international television productions. For Fanny Herrero, screenwriter of the first three seasons of Ten Percent, the series has “really traveled the world thanks to Netflix, so it’s a great accomplishment,” AFP reports.

For Dominique Besnehard, Ten percent embodies the success of the “French touch” in the United States, in the vein of “François Truffaut or Michel Delville” who showed the Americans a “tragicomic, funny France,” says AFP .

“The broadcast on Netflix of the four seasons allowed us with a production, we will say local, to be seen in more than 200 territories. (…) Today there are almost 20 remakes which have been signed, which are in production or which have been shot, ”enthuses producer Michel Feller.

Note that Dominique Besnehard has confirmed that a season 5 would see the light of day, first in the form of a feature film. Before resuming in the form of a reboot.


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