Thursday, December 9

The Labor Party leadership is investigating older conditions in the search for a new Storting president

The Labor leadership is terrified of electing a new President of the Storting without impeccable conduct. Older conditions are now highlighted in what many perceive as a raw power struggle to prevent Sverre Myrli (50) from becoming President of the Storting.

The search for a new Speaker of the Storting is now underway, and is more extensive than in the previous round. The case has become so politically inflamed that the party office and the party leadership have in reality taken over the management

When Eva Kristin Hansen resigned due to the investigation of commuter housing, many reckoned that Sverre Myrli would automatically move up as Aps candidate.

Myrli was nominated by the Labor Party’s nomination committee and unanimously elected by the Storting as the fourth vice president on 9 October.

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