Thursday, December 9

The Left Party wants to release Magdalena Andersson as the new Prime Minister

The Left Party and the Social Democrats have negotiated a pension agreement. This opens the door for Magdalena Andersson to be approved as the new Prime Minister on Wednesday.

Magdalena Andersson will probably be Sweden’s first female prime minister.

On Wednesday, the Riksdag will vote for or against a minority government led by the Social Democrats. The Left Party threatened no later than Monday to vote against Andersson, who thus would not have enough support to be approved.

But after almost two weeks of fruitless negotiations to get the Left Party to accept her as prime minister, Andersson finally reached the finish line on Tuesday night.

The dispute has primarily been about pensions, and Vänstern has in particular demanded that the minimum pension be increased soon.

Increased pension

After Andersson and Vänstern’s leader Nooshi Dadgostar met at the Ministry of Finance on Tuesday night, they were able to present an agreement. It means that the Left will release Andersson during the vote in the Riksdag, confirms Dadgostar.

The agreement also means that the pensioners who receive the least today will receive increased payments.

– This will mean that around 700,000 pensioners will receive up to NOK 1,000 more in their wallets each month. The changed housing supplement will be paid from and including 1 January 2023, it says on the parties’ websites.

Hard budget negotiations

Unlike in Norway, in Sweden there is a direct implementation decision for new governments. It must happen in the Riksdag.

Andersson, however, does not need to have the majority with him. She just has to make sure that the majority does not vote no to her.

There are 349 representatives in the Riksdag. If fewer than 175 (half) vote against Andersson, she will become prime minister.

The Center Party has already said it is willing to abstain. This is what she has also negotiated to get the Left Party to do.

If she is elected prime minister, a new government with the Social Democrats and the Green Party will take over on Friday. It is time for tough negotiations in the Riksdag to get through budgets and other issues.

Andersson took over as the Social Democrats’ party leader when Stefan Löfven resigned earlier this autumn.

Comes from elite school

For seven years as Minister of Finance, she has been one of Stefan Löfven’s most important employees. But Magdalena Andersson, Magda among friends, has a different background than her predecessor.

Stefan Löfven came from a traditional working class background. Andersson grew up in the university city of Uppsala. The parents were teachers at high school and university. As a teenager, she was an elite-level swimmer.

She herself has a strong academic background. Andersson has a master’s degree in economics from «Handels», the prestigious Stockholm School of Economics.

She is described as more temperamental and tough in rhetoric than her predecessor. She is seen as more straightforward than Löfven, more uncompromising and less good at «small talk».

Inherits lots of problems

When she was elected party leader, Andersson said that “every stone should be turned” in the fight against gang crime and segregation. SVT’s commentator Mats Ericsson said that she appeared as one «Gray sauce with baton».

Political scientist Therese Reitan at Södertörn University College points out that Andersson inherits a very difficult political situation if she becomes head of government.

– She must find her contacts and which buttons she can press in contact with the other parties to avoid stepping on their toes. She must weigh the words on gold weight, says Reitan.

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