Thursday, December 9

The municipality’s recommendation: Demolish the motorway bridge in central Oslo

Demolish the bridge, Oslo Municipality recommends. Now it is up to the city council to say yes – and find money for the project.

First came Nylandsbrua, but the planned city motorway system was never built further. Over the years, many homes were built close to the road, while Galleri Oslo (right) was built on both sides of it.

The traffic machine along Oslo’s sea side has been demolished, and a new district has been built in Bjørvika. But something has remained the same. A four-lane road still runs on pillars from the sea side of Oslo S and all the way to Greenland.

The 600 meters called Nylandsbrua is a physical memory of a city motorway system that was planned in the 1960s, but never built. Except right here.

Below the southern part of the bridge are the railway tracks on Oslo S. Below the northern part, across the Greenland area in the inner city, is a no-man’s land in concrete. Up on the bridge, thousands of cars and buses rush past. It harmonizes poorly with the politicians’ wishes for a car-free and vibrant urban area in Greenland.

A broad majority in the city council in principle wants to demolish the bridge – yet little has happened. For now.

The Urban Environment Agency in Oslo Municipality sat down at the drawing board and went to work thoroughly. On the table, they have put a new proposal, which has just been sent to politicians.

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