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This is the type of hob that consumes the most

The choice of household appliance plays a key role in the energy consumption of one’s home. Thus, in the kitchen, it is better to know the power of a hob before buying it.

The energy consumption of a hob depends on several criteria, including the maximum power of the appliance and the technology chosen.

Induction, ceramic and electric hobs are indeed very different. The more powerful the plate, the shorter the cooking time.

According to the specialized site Electroguide, the water boils after four minutes with an induction hob, five minutes for a ceramic hob, nine minutes for gas cooking and ten minutes for the electric hob.

Which plate consumes the most?

With a power varying between 1,000 and 2,000 Watts, the classic electric hob is the device that consumes the most. Not very powerful, this type of plate forces its users to cook food for longer.

The ceramic hob, with a power of 1,200 to 2,700 Watts, has an energy consumption considered to be average. More modern, it rises very quickly in temperature but has the disadvantage of remaining hot for a few minutes after being turned off.

Found in the kitchens of our parents or grandparents, gas hobs consume relatively little energy and allow rapid and precise cooking. However, a heat loss prevents him from obtaining the title of the virtuous plate.

It is ultimately the induction hob that stands out as the champion of hobs, both in terms of performance and energy consumption. Easy to use, secure (it does not stay hot after use) and very efficient, it is also more expensive and only supports certain types of pans or saucepans.

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