Thursday, December 9

Three people lost their lives in the plane crash in Larvik

The small plane that went down near Larvik has completely crashed, and there is no hope of finding survivors, the police said on Tuesday.

Rescue crews at the scene where the plane collided with the ground. The place is characterized by smoke and many wreckage.

Well, the police confirm that three people died in the plane crash in Larvik. One was an instructor and the other two were students at a flight school.

The relatives have been notified and will be followed up by crisis teams in their respective home municipalities, writes the police in a press release.

Frode Granlund, founder and one of the top managers in the Pilot Flight Academy at Torp Sandefjord, confirms to Aftenposten that one of their school planes has gone down.

The Diamond DA-42 NG Twin Star aircraft is German-made. It was registered in the Norwegian Aviation Register in October 2020.

– There were three people on board. We have now set crisis staff, says Granlund.

The plane went down into a forest terrain that is steep and rugged.

Steep and rugged terrain

The police were notified at 9.21 by a witness who said that a plane was spinning down to the ground.

The area where the rescue crews operate is described as steep and rugged.

Larvik police station chief, Tor Eriksen, told the press at 12 o’clock that there is no longer any hope of finding survivors.

– When we say that we unfortunately have no hope of finding survivors, it says something about the fact that there are major injuries and a serious accident, he says.

The plane was located, and at the scene of the accident, the police forensic technicians were in place, together with dog patrols and the Accident Investigation Board, to search for the presumed dead and to find the cause of the accident.

The Accident Investigation Board Norway was also notified.

Emergency services at the old E18 after a report of a small plane has gone down.

Several school planes in the area when the accident happened

According to its own website, the pilot school, which operates from Torp and Notodden, is one of Europe’s largest and most modern flight schools and has a large international environment with almost 400 students.

According to Flightradar, there were three school planes from the same company in the air in the area at the time when the accident happened.

The school plane took off from Torp Sandefjord and went down outside Larvik. This is the current route just before the plane disappeared. It disappears from Flightradar24 around 09.17.

At 9.21, an air traffic controller called for according to NRK the aircraft over the radio in conversation with another pilot:

“… I do not see him on the radar. So nice if you keep your eyes wide open and tell if you see something suspicious near the ground or under controlled air “, said the air traffic controller according to an audio file the channel has posted.

Telemark newspaper reports that the plane has crashed at Vestmunnvannet.

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