Saturday, December 4

Three quarters of French people play video games at least occasionally

Whether on their smartphones, consoles or PCs, the French are gamers. In 2021, 73% of them say they play video games at least occasionally, according to a study conducted by Médiamétrie for SELL, published this Tuesday, November 23.

A proportion up two points over one year. Thus, 38 million French would have played a video game at least once in the year, specifies this survey. Above all, the share of so-called regular players (who play at least once a week) increases by six points and now reaches 58% in the country. And the context of the Covid and its confinements were a big part of this plebiscite, according to the Syndicate of Leisure Software Publishers (Sell).

“Not only are more of them playing, but the people who play are spending more and more time there,” says the general delegate of Sell, Nicolas Vignolles, interviewed by AFP. Children saw their weekly play time jump to 7.1 hours, while adult gamers spent an average of 5.4 hours.

Forge a bond with friends

And contrary to popular belief, video games do not isolate players on their own. Quite the contrary. For six out of ten respondents (61%), “video games allow them to create social ties”. A third even say that they “feel they belong to a community”. Finally, this medium appears as a factor in bringing families together: 77% of parents say they play with their children, i.e. 11 points more compared to 2020.

The year 2021 should also be a sign of the good health of this sector. In 2020, video games generated 5.3 billion euros in sales in France. A figure up 11.3%.

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