Sunday, November 28

Under the “influence” of the Covid, Europe could count 700,000 additional deaths

The World Health Organization (WHO) was alarmed on Tuesday at the “grip” of Covid-19 in Europe which could cause 700,000 additional deaths on the continent, where the new health restrictions arouse anger.

If the grim predictions of the WHO were to come true, that would bring the total number of deaths from the pandemic in the Old Continent to 2.2 million by the spring.

“The Europe Region remains in the grip of the Covid-19 pandemic. Last week, reported deaths from Covid-19 rose to nearly 4,200 per day, a doubling from the 2,100 daily deaths recorded in the end of September “, underlined the WHO.

“Hospital beds can be expected to be under high or extreme pressure in 25 countries and high or extreme pressure in intensive care units in 49 out of 53 countries by March 1, 2022 “, she alerted in a statement.

More than 1.5 million people have already died from Covid in the region.

In a shocking formula, the German Minister of Health, Jens Spahn, warned that “almost everyone will be vaccinated, cured or dead” by “probably the end of winter” due to the spread of the Delta variant which causes a new surge in cases in the country.

The American authorities have also advised their nationals to avoid traveling to Germany and Denmark, also hit hard by the new wave of the pandemic.

For the WHO, the increase in cases in Europe is explained by the combination of the prevalence of the highly contagious Delta variant, insufficient vaccination coverage and the relaxation of anti-Covid measures.

“The situation (…) is very serious,” said Tuesday its regional director for Europe, Hans Kluge, who called for a “vaccine plus” approach, combining vaccination, wearing a mask, hygiene measures and distancing.

– Disputes –

In the European Union, 67.7% of the population has received two doses of vaccine but the differences are staggering between countries. Thus, only 24.2% of Bulgarians are vaccinated against 86.7% of Portuguese.

To preserve mobility within the European area, the Commission is currently working on an “update” of the recommendations and must present its proposals for updating the European certificate in the coming days.

For now, in order to counter this new wave in the region, governments are tightening the screw – from confinement in Austria, to new health restrictions in Belgium and the Netherlands, which have given rise to manifestations of violence.

The Dutch government denounced these disturbances, acts of “pure violence” on the part of “idiots”, according to the Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, at a time when the French West Indies are, them, in the grip of a dispute of vaccine obligation against Covid-19.

The challenge of caregivers and firefighters started on November 15 in Guadeloupe turned into a social crisis punctuated by violence in this French department of the Caribbean, where a third of the population lives below the poverty line.

On the neighboring island of Martinique, a similar mobilization continues and police and firefighters have come under gunfire, which did not injure anyone, during the night from Monday to Tuesday.

– Third dose –

If it appears, according to the WHO, “more and more evident that the protection induced by vaccination against infections and mild forms is declining,” the organization now recommends a booster for the most vulnerable, including the immunocompromised.

In France, the Defense Council will work Wednesday on the calendar of reminders in the face of this question made urgent by the acceleration of the epidemic in France, of which the contamination of the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, is a symbolic example.

This meeting will allow “to address the question of the extension of the third dose of the vaccine, considering the recommendations which we obtained from the various scientific and health authorities”, indicated Tuesday the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran.

Meanwhile, Israel began its campaign to vaccinate children aged five to eleven, becoming one of the first countries, after the United States, to so drastically lower the age of access to the vaccine.

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