Thursday, December 9

United States: what we know about the man who marched on a Christmas parade in Wisconsin

A drama that will mark Wisconsin for a long time. Two days after a vehicle drove into a fast-paced Christmas parade, killing 5 and injuring 48, the driver’s profile takes shape.

Police in Waukesha, a town on the outskirts of Milwaukee, say the suspect is Darrel E. Brooks. The 39-year-old is known to the police and the courts for multiple breaches of the law. He had also just been released from prison a few days earlier after having overthrown a woman he knew. Previously, he had also been convicted of domestic violence.

If the violent character of the individual therefore seems proven, the reason for the attack remains less clear. Indeed, Darrel Brooks had just left a house in which a stabbing had just taken place. The police were in intervention in the home, but were not pursuing the man when he collided with the parade.

Authorities have yet to determine if he was just trying to run away from officers when he ran over the victims, or if he was genuinely trying to injure one or more people. For the moment, the police chief assures to have no evidence which could suggest that Darrel Brooks knew a participant of the parade. The thesis of the terrorist attack has also been rejected for the moment.

Pending his first appearance in court on November 23, the profiles of some victims have been determined. The five people who died were over 50 years old. There are also 18 children who have been hospitalized for injuries. Darrel Brooks has been charged with homicide.

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