Thursday, December 9

Violence in Guadeloupe: shots against police officers, according to a French minister

(Belga) French Overseas Minister Sébastien Lecornu on Tuesday deplored gunfire against police in Guadeloupe, a French West Indies island plagued by a challenge to the vaccination requirement against Covid-19, assuring that the violence was against decorrelate from the social movement.

Guadeloupe, hit hard by the Covid-19 epidemic this summer, has been shaken for a week by a movement born out of the challenge to the vaccination obligation of caregivers and firefighters, which degenerated into a social crisis punctuated by numerous violence , looting of shops and damage last week. “There is no urban violence as I speak to you, but unfortunately in recent hours, we have had shots against the police, especially in Pointe-à-Pitre,” said the minister questioned on a public channel. “We can clearly see that we are not dealing with a health and social issue, we are on gangs, we are on thugs, we are on people who are unfortunately already unfavorably known to the police or the judiciary, who use this crisis to express themselves in violence, and that for once, the response of the government, it is implacable, it is clear, it is firm: the sending of the Raid and the GIGN “, two special forces intervention, he continued. The minister assured that there was no parallel to be made with the strike of 2009, which paralyzed this Caribbean island for 45 days, and where a third of the population lives below the poverty line, according to INSEE (the national statistical institute). Mr. Lecornu indicated that since the beginning of the crisis, “95 arrests” had taken place and “about thirty first criminal answers have just been given by the courts of Guadeloupe”. On Monday, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced the creation of a “forum for dialogue” in order to “convince and support individually, humanely”, professionals concerned by the vaccination obligation. “The situation is still very difficult (…) What is certain is that the reestablishment of public order is obviously the prerequisite for any discussion”, declared the French Minister of the Interior, Gerald Darmanin. According to Mr. Lecornu, 87% of caregivers and 43% of firefighters are vaccinated. (Belga)

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