Thursday, December 9

Violence in Ligue 1: Prohibition of stadiums, video protection, nets… The measures envisaged by the government

The meeting lasted a little over an hour and a half. Two days after the incidents at Groupama Stadium, which caused the final end of the match between Lyon and Marseille, Gérald Darmanin, surrounded by Roxana Maracineanu and Eric Dupont-Moretti, received on Tuesday, French football players in order to establish a first plan to fight against violence in the stadiums.

Vincent Labrune (president of the LFP), Noël Le Graët, (president of the FFF), but also several club leaders (Pablo Longoria, Jean-Michel Aulas, Olivier Létang) and prefects of certain cities concerned responded to the invitation. of the Minister of the Interior in place Beauvau to get French football out of the crisis. If no decision has been made, everyone has found common ground to work around “four topics”.

“The first is that (…) of the ban on stadiums and responses. The question of securing the stadiums, video protection cameras and nets, ”detailed Gérald Darmanin. This working group will also work on “the issue of private security since we must improve the control of access to the stadiums”, added the Minister, who also referred to “the nominative ticket office”.

Measurements in two weeks

Finally, it will also be a question of improving the process of stopping a meeting, which caused so much talk on Sunday evening since the decision not to resume the match in Lyon was taken after more than two hours of procrastination. “How do you stop a game? What responsibility to stop this match? Between, obviously, the essential role of the arbitrator, (to which) we are all extremely attentive, and the role, also, of the prefect, since there is a question of public order which arises ”, declared the Minister. inside.

These different actors have given themselves 15 days to work on these subjects before meeting and pronouncing measures at the end of a new meeting which should take place the week of December 8.

Vincent Labrune, who had demanded this interview for several weeks, while incidents have multiplied in the stadiums since the start of the season, “thanked the government for its responsiveness”, assuring that French football “presented itself from united, united and determined way ”. “It is an absolute emergency, we are aware of our responsibilities,” said the president of the LFP. Because it is the future of French football that is at stake.

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