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Adele: her album “30” is already breaking records

Released on November 19, Adèle’s fourth album got off to a flying start. So much so that he already has several records.

Barely three days after its release, “30” has passed in the United States to more than 560,000 copies, according to figures from MRC Data, reported by the American magazine Billboard. It thus rises to the top of the best starts of the year, beating the record for Taylor Swift and its reissue of “Red”, which sold 369,000 copies a week after its release on November 12th.

But Adèle’s fourth album, which marks her comeback six years after “25”, is even stronger. With more than 500,000 albums sold, “30” also becomes the best-selling album of the year 2021 across the Atlantic.

a mess of records and a voice that matters

This is obviously not the first time that the multi-awarded artist, winner of fifteen Grammy Awards, has climbed to the top of the charts. Since her first album “19”, the Briton has multiplied her exploits.

Released in 2008, “19” was thus, that year, the best-selling album in Great Britain. A feat that she repeats with her second opus “21”, which has sold across the Channel to more than 3 million copies in one year. Four years later, “25” once again won the day and sold 2.3 million copies in three days. The music video for her track “Hello” was viewed on YouTube more than a billion times in three months.

His new album is no exception to the rule. In addition to its excellent start, the first single from “30”, “Easy on me” was listened to, on the day of its release, more than 24 million times on Spotify, becoming the song most listened to in a single day on the platform. -form, reports the Huffington post.

Figures that make you dizzy and allow the artist to be heard when she gives her opinion. Adèle recently criticized the choice of Spotify to offer by default to listen to the tracks of an album in a random fashion, explaining that the articulation of the songs in relation to each other was carefully chosen by the artist and had a sense. A remark that the platform has taken into account since listening to an album is now offered, by default, in the order established by the artist.

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