Wednesday, January 19

Attacks and threats: 750 police officers have called for emergency aid since August 2020

Threats posted on the walls, insults, even assaults when they are recognized in the street. Since the summer of 2020, 750 police officers have contacted the support group set up to support them when they no longer feel safe in their private life.

On average, 50 agents have called the device each month since its implementation on August 4, 2020, reports Europe 1.

This assistance, in the form of a toll-free number to be reached every day, from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m., allows them to speak to another national police officer, who answers questions and accompanies his colleague in his efforts. It can be simply a question of listening, but also of legal aid and even of transfer and change of residence. About ten people must have come to such an end.

According to our colleagues, a quarter of problematic situations are of a private nature, such as cases of police officers threatened directly by neighbors who know their profession. In general, the number of calls to the aid system is particularly monitored by the Ministry of the Interior, in a context where the police are in great demand and targeted by delinquents.

In 2019, 50,000 cases of aggression, threats, contempt or insult had been recorded against them. Facts that can also affect their loved ones.

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