Tuesday, January 18

Crisis in the West Indies: in Martinique the intersyndicale calls for the lifting of dams

The inter-union which launched a strike movement in Martinique on Monday decided to lift the roadblocks to avoid an escalation of violence, as since last weekend in Guadeloupe where the curfew was extended until November 28.

“The inter-union decided this evening to lift the roadblocks”, announced on Martinique La 1ère on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday Bertrand Cambusy, secretary general of the CSTM, one of the unions at the origin of the movement.

However, this call does not guarantee that all roadblocks will be lifted quickly, and that the clashes will cease, some of them being manned by non-union people.

The Fort-de-France prosecutor’s office opened an investigation on Tuesday after police and firefighters were the target of gunfire on Monday evening, in a popular district of Fort-de-France, without making injured.

Since Monday morning, the road network has been severely disrupted, with roadblocks blocking the main roads, especially around the major sectors of activity of Lamentin, located in central Martinique, south of Fort-de-France.

This violence occurred on the sidelines of the call for a general strike which began on Monday to denounce, as in Guadeloupe, the vaccine obligation and the suspensions of caregivers, but also the cost of living, and fuel prices.

Behind this mobilization, 17 unions who signed a notice on November 15, from all economic sectors of the island.

– Extended curfew –

In neighboring Guadeloupe, the prefecture decided, after a fifth night of violence, to extend the curfew until November 28 on the island.

To calm the situation, Jean Castex announced Monday the creation of a “forum for dialogue” in order to “convince and support individually, humanly”, the professionals concerned by the vaccination obligation.

A decision that did not convince in Guadeloupe.

The night from Monday to Tuesday had been marked by actual bullets fired by law enforcement, denounced by Interior Ministers Gerald Darmanin and Overseas Sébastien Lecornu.

The Minister of the Interior has also made the reestablishment of public order “the prerequisite for any discussion of course”.

“Compulsory vaccination for nursing staff (…) is not negotiable, the health pass is not negotiable either. We are not going to negotiate the health security of the French,” the minister said on Wednesday. of the Economy Bruno Le Maire, interviewed on franceInfo.

He stressed the importance of the “solidarity fund” and “massive, legitimate public support” for the West Indies. “I am perfectly aware of the economic difficulties, but we will not treat them with violence,” he said.

For him, “the solution for Guadeloupe and Martinique is not in the pouring of hundreds of millions of euros of public aid. They (the inhabitants) are not abandoned”.

In the meantime, the Guadeloupeans have been using the D system to minimize the impact on their daily lives of road blockages affecting the island for nearly a week.

Juggling between childcare and their job, they have been used to it for almost two years: “Schools have been open almost normally for only six months” between various social mobilizations and confinements due to the health crisis, explained to AFP, Maëva Barret, resident of the island for 11 years.


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